21 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For BTS Fans in 2022 | (Approved by a Fan)

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It’s almost that time of year for Christmas shopping. Here are 21 thoughtful, yet personalized Christmas gifts for BTS fans that any fan will love!

christmas gifts for bts fans

BTS’s fandom is like no other. They, themselves, have won awards for Best Fandom. So, you should plan to give the person in your life who loves BTS an amazing gift.

Luckily, BTS is one of the music acts with endless amounts of merch, skincare lines, stuffed animals, and even humidifiers. Then, BTS fans themselves have Etsy shops packed full of merch. Finding Christmas gifts for BTS fans isn’t as difficult as you may think.

This blog post gives tons of Christmas gifts for BTS fans and will help you figure out what to get someone who likes BTS.

This is aimed more towards Christmas gifts, but I have an ultimate gift guide for BTS fans, since there is so much merch and so many gift ideas for someone who likes BTS. (Walk into a K-pop store and you will understand). I will break that list down by bias, era, etc. But for right now, it’s only Christmas gift ideas for BTS fans.

21 Amazing Christmas Gifts For BTS Fans

1. BTS’s albums

The first thing that comes to my mind is those heavy album boxes. BTS’s albums are not just the CDs. There are photo cards, posters, and so much more in there. This isn’t your typical album. I wish someone would buy me an album. I have to resist spending my whole check at my local K-pop store or on Amazon.

Buy BTS’s latest album Proof for someone this Christmas here:


2. BT21 Plushes

BT21’s merch is honestly the most BTS-related merch I have. Any BTS fan would love getting one, especially if it’s their bias’s character. The BT21 characters each have nice, soft plushes that also could be pillows. You can find them usually at any K-pop store or online on their official website.

3. Photocard Collection

Photocard collections are a great gift idea for any K-Pop fan in general, but make sure you get your friend or family member who loves BTS photocards that ARE OF BTS. Some of the photocards sections in some K-pop stores get messy and different groups’ members get into the BTS pile. I gave at least one pack of photo cards to all my friends who liked BTS. If you want you can find the unofficial ones, on Amazon like these:

bts fans Christmas gift ideas

christmas gifts for bts army4. BT21 Skincare Products

bt21 christmas gifts
my remaining BT21 skincare products

BT21’s skincare helped my so much with my sensitive skin. The skincare line is a collaboration between BTS’s BT21 line and the Crème Shop. These products calm my skin’s redness and most breakouts. This is probably the top gift I would gift myself for Christmas because of how useful this is.

I know that many of my local K-pop stores sell the products, but Ulta usually has a lot of products in stock. However, they might sell out, so it’s good to buy them early or right when a new line drops.

Buy my exact sheet mask on Ulta.com!

Buy BT21’s pimple patches on Ulta.com! 

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5. BTS Uno

Ruin friendships with Uno but BTS edition. I just found out this existed, LOL. This will make a fun stocking stuffer. But if you want, there are also giant BTS UNO cards, too, to gift someone.


bts gifts amazon

6. Try to get any merch on WeVerse

I personally have given up on trying to get merch from WeVerse because usually what I want (aka limited-edition stuff) sells out in seconds…BUT you can try! It’s worth looking at. There is still tons of official, certified products on there. You can get albums, books, DVDs, and even rain jackets/anoraks.

Also, some merch takes a while to get to the US (like months sometimes). I recommend if you want to get a BTS fan a gift from WeVerse’s shop, then do it in October. I don’t know how shipping works for other countries, but the earlier you order it the better.

7. BTS Tickets…

Whenever BTS goes back on tour, then getting tickets is probably the best gift you can get for any fan. Seriously, it’s not that easy to get tickets. Gift them a Ticketmaster gift card because ooof—It’s not a fun experience buying tickets from Ticketmaster. (I have a whole blog post about it.) But giving someone a Ticketmaster gift card honestly would be so considerate.

Visit Ticketmaster.com to create a gift card!

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8. BTS stickers

No matter if they have a bias, a few biases, or are a OT7 fan, you can always give any BTS fan stickers. I personally buy mine from Redbuble to place on my laptop case. I love the discounts too because when you buy 4 stickers, you get 25% off or 10 stickers you get them 50% off. They also have tons of cute stickers and awesome designs.

I also recommend maybe Amazon for some, but the quality varies. You may get 100 small ones like this one I bought a while back, but some of the stickers had other K-pop group members and random cartoon ones…IDK.

Overall, buying a few nice, personalized BTS stickers for a BTS fan is a cool gift. I recommend that you actually ask or know the person’s bias in the group is or favorite memes because that helps narrow down the process. RedBubble has tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of BTS stickers you can choose from.

Some of the favorites that I have on my laptop case are V’s tea meme, Suga’s rock quote, and a general OT7 one.

christmas gifts for bts fans
the ICONIC V tea meme lol

Buy my exact sticker here!

9. BTS Hoodie

One of the easiest and best Christmas gifts for BTS fans is a simple BTS hoodie. You can find them almost anywhere from Etsy to Walmart. If you are lucky enough, you can probably find one at a K-Pop store.

personalised bts gifts
source: SunriseVAApparel

Buy on Etsy.com!

10. BTS Light Stick

Bruh, whatever you DO NOT BUY ONE FROM AMAZON. It’s risky. The one I got just for PTD – Las Vegas was fake. I was so embarrassed when the lady told me that the light was fake and to go into the merch line (I just got out of one outside). Don’t buy one from Amazon unless you just want a cute light in your room and won’t use it at a concert.

Make sure you go to a K-pop store (and question if the light sticks come from South Korea), buy one from WeVerse, or maybe get one from Poshmark or Meraci. I know that some former ARMY or current ARMY and fans resale their light sticks. 

11. BTS Poster

A simple Christmas gift for a friend who loves BTS is a poster. One thing about BTS’s merch is that it has tons of choices. You can get a poster of the entire group or their bias. Even if they wouldn’t want a poster, there are BTS tapestries. One of my friends has one in her apartment and it works with her décor. Here are some posters and tapestries on Amazon:  

christmas gifts for bts fans 

gifts for bts fans

gifts for bts fans 

christmas gifts for bts army

12. BTS Pillow

Whether it’s the group or their BT21 characters, you can find a pillow with them on it. I must warn you that the ones from Amazon…look a little off. I’d personally buy from the BT21 shop, a local K-pop store, or any nice-looking one from Etsy. This pillow is just so cute:

source: bliss7store

Buy on Etsy.com!

13. Bucket Hat

Several members of BTS wear bucket hats before the Y2K trend began. You can see this in their Mic Drop music video for sure. Getting a BTS fan a bucket hat will show that you know a little about their favorite group. 

14. BTS Funko Pop

This is an actual Christmas gift that I’ve received as a BTS fan. It was funny knowing that my co-workers knew about this. It was so touching since I feel like BTS. A co-worker bought me a J-hope Funko Pop for our holiday gift gifting.

Meanwhile, my best friend got the entire Dynamite Funko Pop figures for herself for Christmas.

christmas gifts for bts fans 

gifts for bts fans amazon

15. Any Album’s Collector’s Edition

The perfect Christmas gifts for Bts Fans are the collector’s edition of their favorite albums by BTS. These albums are kind of hard to find and may take some research. If you can’t find the exact collector’s edition, finding a special or exclusive edition of the album is also a great gift.

16. BT21 Backpack

This Christmas gift would be great for a student or someone who is always traveling. Like this one from Amazon: 

personalised bts gifts 

Christmas gifts for bts army

17. BTS/BT21 Keychain

Having a BTS/BT21 keychain is a cute stocking stuffer that will show any BTS fan that you care. The options for keychains are endless, honestly. (They are honestly the most supplied item aside from albums in my local K-pop store). To make this gift more personalized, again, learn the person’s favorite member or BT21 character.

I received this Shooky keychain as a gift:


18. Their Bias’s Name on a Shirt/Hoodie from Etsy

One of my friends got me a shirt with my bias’s name (Suga) on it for my birthday last year. It honestly shocked me because I didn’t expect to get a t-shirt. It’s honestly a great gift and showed that they paid attention to me. Also, the shirts on Etsy are just amazing! 

Buy on Etsy.com!

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19. Clear Bag

Got to be ready for the next concert…

Anyway, gifting any BTS fan a clear bag is a practical and useful gift. I remember when I went to PTD in Las Vegas, I got a Permission to Dance theme bag from Etsy to bring with me. The exact one I had is sold out. However, this purple on from Amazon will make a great concert bag one day!


20. BTS I Purple You Light

Purple is BTS’s official color. Get a BTS fan you know a “I Purple You” light to place in their bedroom as a Christmas gift. Check out this light on Amazon here:

bts gifts amazon 

bts gifts for teenage girl 

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21. Tumbler or Cup

The final Christmas gift for BTS fans that I recommend is a tumbler or cup. I personally have a BT21 tumbler. It’s useful to have so I can always put water in before I go or do some work. There are also so many BTS-themed cups that you can find on Amazon like these:

bts gifts amazon 

Christmas gifts for bts fan


christmas gifts from army 

christmas gifts for bts army

Final FAQ:

Q: Where can I buy a Christmas gift for a BTS Fan?

A: These days, you can find BTS merch or related products in any major department store. The best places to find Christmas gifts for BTS Fans are Etsy, WeVerse Shop, a local K-pop store, Walmart, and Amazon.

I recommend going to a K-pop store first since they typically have tons and tons of BTS merch since BTS is the most popular group. They usually have entire walls dedicated to just BTS. However, if there isn’t a K-pop store in your local area and you want official merch, try the WeVerse Shop or the BT21 line’s website.

If you aren’t too nit-picky and don’t might unofficial merch (which is the most creative, affordable, and best-looking product usually) is to try Etsy first. I always go to Etsy if I want some new, useful BTS-related merch. Amazon also is great; it just depends on what you’re buying from there and look up the store that’s selling the product. I also noticed Walmart is selling a lot of BTS merch.  

That concludes this blog post that gave 21 amazing Christmas gifts for BTS fans! Honestly, there are so many gift ideas for BTS fans that I have, but I couldn’t fit them all here. I will eventually write a full list before the end of the year.


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