12 BTS Songs About Self Love That Remind Me To Love & Accept Myself

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Self-love is a common theme throughout BTS’s discography. Here are the 12 BTS self-love songs that I love that remind me to love myself!

bts songs about self love

I’ve been waiting to do this blog post for a long time.


Because can be my inner-fangirl again and write about my favorite music groups. But I want to do this blog post because BTS’s discography is one of the best of this century. They give us concept albums, extended metaphors, visuals, and much more. I’m literally smiling cheek to cheek right now because I’m so excited. (And I’m going to see them in concert in a few weeks!!)

This blog post is all about BTS songs about self love.


Before we begin,

Excuse my bias toward one certain era, but I just love that era so much, the color scheme, the visuals, and the music videos. I lowkey hate myself for not being into BTS more when the album dropped. I mean the era/album’s name is literally what inspired me to write this blog post in the first place and it was (and still is) what I needed when I was younger.

Also, if there is a song on here that I don’t include, please understand that BTS has over 200 songs. I’m discovering a new one almost every other week. I’m just a girl trying to run a blog and write about things she’s interested in.

And some of these songs, I simply apply the word love to myself when referring to relationships. The relationship we have with ourselves is the important one that we often put aside. I know many ARMY say that the songs’ meanings are ambiguous, so I’m also doing that as well.

I will be using English translations, so some translations will not be as accurate. I know like 5 letters in Korean/Hangul and confidently 2 words other than hello. If translations don’t make sense, I tried.

Anyway, enough with my disclaimers, here are my favorite BTS songs about self love.

Wait another update! Since the boys are releasing solo music, I’m going to try to find songs within their discographies that relate to self love eventually.

12 BTS Songs About Self Love


“Idol” is one of the first self love BTS songs that comes to my mind. The chorus includes the lyrics, “You can’t stop me from loving myself.” I think that this song is one of the best BTS songs about self love because it’s straightforward and grounded in the entire Love Yourself era’s message. No matter what people say or how people project their own insecurities on you, you are able to confidently love yourself.

This song is all about how criticism can’t stop you from loving yourself. It’s perfect for whenever you need a confidence boost.

2. BTS Cypher 4

The first BTS song I had on repeat back in 2017-2018 when I first got into their music was “Cypher 4.” It’s not only the catchy beat but also the rap line’s diverse flows. There is some similarity to “Idol” with its confidence and smart style of dissing haters. The hook/chorus is “I love, I love, I love myself.”

My favorite part of the song is at the end of RM’s verse, “You hate me but YOU KNOW ME/I like hate comments more than no comments/I don’t know you/BUT YOU KNOW ME.”

When I first heard this lyric, it lowkey blew my mind because it was thoughtful in a sense. People who actively dislike you still know you, yet you might not know them but they especially know you.

3. Answer: Love Myself

A more relaxing, warmer self love song by BTS concluded their Love Yourself album is “Answer: Love Myself.” This song takes a lot of turns. There are a lot of parts that I love. But this song answers what loving yourself means to each member of BTS. Jimin’s lyrics include a metaphor about constellations and how our scars make one.

SUGA’s verse mentions trees and spring and these lines, “Loving myself might be harder/Than loving someone else, let’s admit it/The standards you made are more strict for yourself.”

This song covers so many truthful parts about what it takes to love yourself. It’s not easy, and we often are harder on ourselves. We also don’t need anyone else’s permission (RM’s verse). The post-chorus sung by Jimin, V, and JK brings it all together with

“The me of yesterday/The me of today/The me of tomorrow/I’m learning how to love myself/With no expectations, it’s all me.”

This part speaks on how no matter what, we are learning how to love our past, present, and future selves. Self-love is a journey that never really stops.

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4. Epiphany

BTS’s Jin sings “Ephiphany,” a song that’s literally an epiphany. This song represents the moment we realize that we should love ourselves. The lyrics touch on the fact that we kind of forget that the love that we can give ourselves is a valid option.

Verse 2:

“Why did I want to hide my precious self like this?/What was I so afraid of?/Why did I hide my true self?”

The end of the chorus:

“I wanna love in this world/Shining me, precious soul of mine/I finally realized so I love me/Not so perfect but so beautiful/I’m the one I should love”

5. I’m Fine

Next, “I’m Fine” may be interpreted as a post-breakup song, but it also leans into self-reliance and independence. When no one else can give us love, then we are fully capable of doing it ourselves. “I’m Fine” can serve as a reminder that no matter who may break your heart or if Ticketmaster kicks you out of the queue, you can come back even stronger.

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6. Awake

Another Jin’s solo track is another BTS song about self love. This time it’s about self-acceptance. The lyrics lean toward self-belief and self-determination. Jin sings about knowing his limits, yet accepting what’s in his control and going after his dreams. The chorus is simply *chef’s kiss.*


Maybe, I I, can never fly/I can’t fly like the flower petals over there/Or as though I have wings, yeah/Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky/Still, I want to stretch my hand out/ I want to run, just a bit more”

What I like about this chorus is it’s about how Jin is accepting of who he is and isn’t beating himself up to be something he’s not. Maybe he can’t fly, but he can just run and feel the wind.

7. ON

“Map of the Soul: 7” is honestly one of the BEST, yet overlooked BTS eras. I think that “ON” may not be the most cliché self love song. It’s not as direct as previous songs. But its lyrics speak with confidence about how the group can stumble or fail, but can always come back. They aren’t quitters.

The pre-chorus line, “Can’t hold me down ‘cause you know I’m a fighter” tells you enough of what you need to know about BTS and their persistent mindsets. This song is perfect for when you are just feeling so down and just need a confidence boost. It’s a reminder that you’ve come this far, and don’t aren’t going to quit.

8. Promise

Simple, sweet, and it’s Jimin. “Promise” is not on Spotify, but was released on Soundcloud and is a hidden gem for fans. This song is a promise to be one’s light. Jimin sings about how he can be someone’s light, but also how the listener can also be their own light. Jimin wants others to find hope within themselves and not rely on others for it.

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9. Outro: Wings

This song is another BTS self love song that is one of my favorites out of their entire discography. The verses throughout this song discuss the ideas of self-belief and self-acceptance. It’s all about accepting yourself and having confidence in your decisions. I particularly love J-hope’s rap during the bridge with

“Now I know I’m breaking up with regretting with age/I made a decision, I will have unconditional trust/It’s time to be brave, I’m not afraid/Because I believe I’m different from what I was/I won’t cry on my path, I won’t hang my head low/That is the sky and I’ll be flying there, fly.”

10. Magic Shop

Co-written by Jungkook, “Magic Shop” is a self love BTS song that has tons of meaning. This song is about how we, BTS fans and especially ARMY, can look inside our hearts and find a magic shop where we can exchange our fears for happiness and find the love of BTS’s members have their fans. This song is meant to be a comforting, relaxing one and to be listened to whenever we feel tired, sad, or generally down.

“Magic Shop” was also inspired by neurosurgeon James Doty’s autobiography and its concept of loving oneself and others. Due to BTS’s popularity, this book became a bestseller.

“Magic Shop” is honestly one of the sweetest BTS songs out there. It’s all about how ARMY was there for BTS during their bad days and if they have the ability to help the group, then they can also find it within them.

I love the overall meaning of the song, but the chorus sung by Jimin, JK, V, and Jin is probably my favorite part and is one that you can’t resist singing along to.

“You gave me the best of me/So you’ll give you the best of you/You found me, you knew me/You gave me the best of me/So you’ll give you the best of you/You’ll find it, the galaxy inside you.”

11. So What

A part of loving yourself is doing what you want without the opinions of the world directing you. You do what you want. “So What” is the song that epitomes this idea. So what everyone else thinks or what they do. Let it go and have fun.

Like Suga said, “90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created/Just go instead of worrying/Don’t get scared, cheer up/Shout it, so what.”

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12. Mikrokosomos

I couldn’t pronounce this song at all for the longest time and it’s bad because I studied abroad in Greece. But it’s probably my favorite BTS songs (currently competing with Best of Me right now…I was listening to it on a 1-hour loop at work one day while writing).

“Mikrokosmos” stems from the Greek philosophy of microcosm, aka viewing humans as their own little world. This song kind of ties along with “Magic Shop” where we can look inward to see our own beauty. Throughout the song, the guys sing about staring at the stars and sky as night and admiring how they glow and shine. But the group challenges this idea of how beautiful it may be and prompts the idea that maybe we are also just as fascinating.

I particularly love the lyricism in the pre-chorus with “Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful/Is not because of these stars or lights, but us.”

This song is just beautiful. I also love how the production also makes this song stand out even more. They need to perform it at every concert. I hope they perform it for the PTD concert. (Update: They didn’t perform it, but I’m glad that they didn’t because I would have been crying the entire time and probably had to be dragged out.)


BTS Self Love Songs Playlist

This concludes this blog post about BTS songs about self love. I loved writing this. It’s like being an entertainment reporter again.

But before you go, check out some of my other blog posts related to BTS and self love:

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