31 Useful Birthday Gifts for College Girls She’ll Love

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Want to give the best gift to your college friend or girlfriend? This blog post will give the best birthday gifts for college girls!

Buying gifts for someone can be hard. Buying a birthday gift for a college girl is about to be easier and less stressful. These birthday gift ideas combine popular trends and practicality. You’ll find a gift that she’ll obsess over and truly appreciate.

This list will make the shopping experience easier and less stressful! This blog post will give 31 useful gifts for college girls that also can be given on their birthdays. And if you’re a girl in college who doesn’t know what to ask for, this list will give you an idea.

31 Useful Birthday Gifts for College Girls

1.Fujifilm Camera

Make memories last forever with a Fujifilm Camera. These cameras have been around since I was in high school. I captured some great memories with my friends this that camera. It’s a nice gift for someone who wants to take fun, candid photos with friends and to remember college.


birthday gifts for college girl

gifts for college girls

2. Beauty Set

All the beauty products a girl needs are in a beauty set. Find one that matches her beauty needs and it’ll be a useful gift for sure.

Buy on Ulta.com!

3. Fleece Blanket

There’s no better feeling than being warm and cozy and a fleece blanket is the best gift to give to any college-aged girl.

gifts for college students

best birthday gift for college girl

4. Air Fryer

It seems like everyone has an air fryer. Having one is so useful, especially if you’re on a busy schedule. Any college girl would love to have one as a gift to make cooking easier.

gifts for college aged girls

birthday gifts for college girl


5. Handheld Vacuum

From cleaning a car or mess in their apartment, any college girl would definitely use a handheld vacuum.

amazon gifts for college girl

gifts for college students girl


6. Oversized Sweatshirt

If you walk onto any college campus nowadays, you’re bound to find a few girls wearing an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and a pair of walking shoes. This oversized sweatshirt from Amazon would make a nice birthday gift for a college girl.

birthday gifts for college girl

birthday gifts for college girl

7. Fuzzy Slippers

A pair of fuzzy slippers like these are always a good option for a birthday gift.

birthday gift ideas for girl in college

birthday gift ideas for a girl in college

8. UGG Slippers

Trendy is one adjective to describe these Ugg Slippers. These shoes are all over TikTok and Pinterest probably due to their comfortable and also the UGG name behind it.

Buy from UGG.com!


9. Blanket Hoodie

Again, comfort is a big thing for college students, especially while studying. A blanket hoodie would be perfect for study sessions during finals week or a slumber party between friends. This one is also cute with cats on it!

birthday gifts for college girls

birthday gifts for college girl

10. Lap Desk

This is probably the top useful gift for college students overall on this list. Not only does this lap desk holds a laptop, but also a phone. It also has space for a wireless mouse and a cushion for wrists. This is a gift that the college girl you know will definitely use.

useful gifts for college students

useful gifts for college students

11. Filtered Water Bottle

Every college student needs a water bottle, especially a nice insulated one like this from Amazon. This filtered water bottle will save them tons of money, too.

birthday gifts for college girls 

gifts for college girl birthday

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12. Glass Containers 

This is the perfect gift for the friend who is always cooking or loves meal prepping. I love glass containers by how long they last and how they help with me saving money with cooking.

birthday gifts for college students 

birthday gifts for college students

13. Walking Shoes

With campus back in-person that means that students are back walking all day. Gift them a pair of walking shoes to help them out! I had these shoes during my two three years of college and lasted a long time. I love how my current walking shoes: the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0.

birthday gifts for college girl 

college girl birthday gifts


14. Personalized Rain Jacket 

Rainy days on campus are always hectic. A personalized rain jacket would come in handy for sure!

birthday gifts for students
Source: EverlyGrayce on Etsy

Buy a jacket from Etsy!

15. AirPod Pros

Noise cancelling and portable are two traits AirPod Pros have that are so useful for college students. I know that I couldn’t go a day on campus without my AirPods. They would be great birthday gifts for college girls who love music or to focus while studying.

useful gifts for college students 

useful gifts for college students

16. Mini Waffle Maker

These mini waffle makers have grown in popularity! Breakfast made easier and simpler with this mini waffle maker as a birthday gift.

amazon gifts for college girl 

amazon gifts for college girl

17. Mug with her Initial

One cannot have too many mugs. A personalized mug with the birthday girl’s initials is a great birthday gift for college students. Target always has some that make cheap gifts.

what should i buy for my birthday college

Buy this mug on Target.com!


18. Trader Joe’s Cookbook

I have this exact cookbook and can’t wait to use it! I love Trader Joe’s and shopped there throughout college. Even then, this cookbook is a great starter one for beginner cooks. Then there is a college version of the cookbook here!

best birthday gift for college girl 

best birthday gift for college girl

birthday gift ideas for girl in college 

birthday gift ideas for girl in college


19. iPad

There’s something having an iPad that makes you more organized. There is even a TikTok sound about iPads. It’s one of the best birthday gifts you can give to a college student.

what should i buy for my birthday college 

what should i buy for my birthday college

20. Personalized Friend Photo

For their birthday, gift your college friend a personalized photo of them from Etsy! A friend gave one of us for my birthday and it’s a cute gift that I love.

gifts for college students girl
MnmCreationArt on Etsy

Buy from Etsy.com!


21. Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is always a go-to gift for any girl. Charm bracelets are coming back in style. They are sentimental and meaningful gifts. Its customizability also gives the girl the chance to express and show off her personality and style. Pandora’s charm bracelets are a classic!

what is the best birthday gift to a girl

Buy a bracelet from Pandora!

22. Starbucks Giftcard

Starbucks coffee was a lifeline for me during college. I still ask for a Starbucks Gift card as a birthday gift post graduating. I know any college girl would appreciate it and actually use it as a gift.

birthday gifts for students 

birthday gifts for students

23. Makeup Mirror

Putting on makeup in a dorm or even apartment lighting isn’t the easiest. Having a makeup mirror would be a gift perfect for makeup-loving girls.

gifts for college students girl 

gifts for college students girl

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24. Laptop Handbag

Laptops are a must have for college students. But adding a tote handbag will elevate any outfit to be Instagram-ready.

Buy from KateSpade.com!


25. Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings are trending right now—especially for the That Girl and Clean Girl aesthetics. They are versatile and can be paired with a pair of jeans for an everyday look or to match a dress.

what to get a college student for her birthday

Buy a pair from JCPenney!


26. Phone Case

A phone case is a need, especially on a college campus. There were many days where I dropped my phone while leaving class or dropping it while walking to class. I love how this phone case from Etsy has initials on it, making it way more personalized.

birthday gifts for college girlfriend

Buy this case on Etsy!

27. Rice Cooker 

I know that most of my college friends and I struggled to make rice correctly, so one of my friends bought me a mini rice cooker. I absolutely needed this while in undergrad, but I appreciate it so much because it’s perfect for me now in my first apartment.

useful gifts for college students 

useful gifts for college students

28. Tote Bag or Canvas Bag

Another useful birthday gift for college girls is a tote bag. Tote bags are so popular right now and it seems like every other girl on Pinterest has one. I know so many people who love collecting cloth tote bags since they come in handy tasks like grocery shopping, sitting in the park to have a picnic, moving, or just as an accessory for an outfit. 

best birthday gift for college girl
Source: VinaHut on Etsy

Buy from Etsy.com!

29. Cute Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are cuter and more practical than ever! If the birthday girl want to charge their phone while studying, then I recommend this desk lamp I used to have

birthday gift for college girlfriend 


birthday gift for college girlfriend

Or if they want something cute to have while reading or chilling out, I love this cat lamp I had that can also be found on some study with me YouTubers’ desk.

birthday gift ideas for college girl 

birthday gift ideas for college girl

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30. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are needed, especially while walking on a college campus. There are days during the fall and spring when the sun is blaring up in the sky and a cloud is nowhere to be found. It also helps make the birthday girl look more stylish, too!

I got my pair of sunglasses (The Hepburn Sunglasses) from Privé Revaux and love them.

useful gifts for college students

Gift someone this exact pair! 

31. Leggings from Lululemon

Finally, another birthday gift idea for a college-aged girl you can give is a workout set from Lululemon. Walk on a college campus and you’re going to find tons of girls sporting a part of Lululemon shorts, tops and/or leggings. It’s also a great outfit choice for a girl that goes to school on a walking campus.

useful gifts for college students

Buy a pair of leggings on Lululemon.com!


That’s it for this blog post about birthday gifts for college girls!

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