BTS – Permission To Dance Las Vegas: Day 4

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Here is my experience at BTS Permission To Dance concert in Las Vegas, NV on Day 4.

bts permission to dance day 4

My friend and I missed out on LA and couldn’t get tickets but we were determined to get BTS tickets no matter what. We studied the YouTuber BTS ARMY gurus’ ticket-buying guides and downloaded ticket-buying guides from random fan accounts on Twitter.

Anyway, I bought the tickets. You can read my whole process in this blog post on how to get BTS tickets. Probably won’t come in handy until 2025 but hey. Be prepared to sweat. It might be useful just in case any of the boys go on tour.

We selected the last day of their Las Vegas residency. 

BTS Permission To Dance Las Vegas Day 4

April 15th: BTS Museum Pop-Up

After flying in and relaxing and finding food,  we went straight to the Pop-Up Museum. 

I am not going to post any videos since I forgot honestly what the signs were saying. There were tons of them that said no videos for some sections, then no photos in others. IDK, but I’ll drop a few. I don’t want HYBE coming after me, so. Here’s me holding a Butter sign and the security guard took a photo for me. 

bts pop up museum

There were different sections inside the museum with displays inspired by Dynamite and Butter’s music videos. Then, there was a section about Behind the Stage which I get was them getting ready for their performances in Seoul, LA, and Las Vegas.




Outside of the Museum, there was a screen showing BTS videos (and some food carts and the drinks were so expensive.)

bts museum pop up
“Dope” music video playing on the stage

April 16th: Concert Day

The BIG Day!

So we woke up pretty early to go to “the largest K-pop store” in the US. (It was not. There are some in Dallas that are way bigger and have bigger merch. Also, my friend also went to the BT21 Line store in NYC, so she wasn’t impressed either. We basically got tricked.)

While waiting in the hot sun in line, we saw a car with BTS quotes on it. 

But after spending 10-15 minutes in the tiny store and squeezing back the line of people, we dipped and decided to go back to our hotel. Luckily, our Uber driver to the K-pop store warned us about how traffic will get bad early around 3 PM, so we hurried up and got ready.

We got to the stadium and were greeted by ARMY and concertgoers who had Etsy merch shops. They passed out freebies, which I learned was a norm at K-pop concerts.

We waited for an hour or two since we didn’t have soundcheck. But once we were in there were several merch pop-ups. I wish we would have walked to the very back because the merch lines there had more merch and shorter lines. The WeVerse app also had a map to help out. The merch lines weren’t too bad, tho, and probably the best from my experience, especially on the day off with tons of people. 

I also saw the “Marry Me Yoongi” girl in a wedding dress outside of the venue and someone in their graduation gown.


bts ptd merch
My fan that I bought in the merch line

After getting merch, we went to the ARMY Bomb Bluetooth connection booth. (My lightstick from Amazon was FAKE. The lady told me to try to get back in line and buy one, but 🫠 I just was in line 3 different times.) We also got a snack and some water, and the concession stand guy asked me who I thought was his favorite member of BTS. I said RM…IDK he just gave RM bias vibes. I honestly think he didn’t know much about BTS other than that they were performing, but he said okay! LOL.

We finally got to the suite section since we were in the C100s and had access to the bars and fancy seating areas. I wish we would have known before instead of sweating outside all that time walking around trying to find more stuff to do once in the stadium. But it was crowded anyhow.

We found our seats and chilled for a while. Since there isn’t an opening act for BTS, music videos just show. I also bonded with a girl from Mexico about how BOTH our ARMY Bombs from Amazon were fake. 

I honestly can’t remember much from the concert because I was in such a euphoric state of mind that I just can’t remember. I have to rewatch concert videos to remind myself. I remember them opening the show and having fire. It was hot and I was sweating. Then the boys introduced themselves—Jin is truly Worldwide Handsome. Like they’re all fine and better looking in person.

I honestly loved the interactions they had on stage. It was also cool to know that “Yes, the boys are actually like that in person.” J-hope honestly danced so fluidly. JK and RM kept scaring us with “this isn’t the last time” speeches. But I absolutely loved RM’s blue flower set and JK’s little crop top—it motivated to me do some ab workouts, 😅. V walking like a runway model covered in streamers, then at one point slapping his butt. V had me laughing the whole time. Then I loved Jimin. Also, the boys included Jin so much and J-hope’s speech about him was so sweet. 🥺

I was hoping that they sang “Mirkosomos,” my favorite BTS song, but luckily for me, they didn’t. I heard they performed another night in Vegas, but I’m going to be 100% honest: I would have been to be dragged out if they’d sung it. I wouldn’t be able to get up and just cried until I got back to the hotel.

We also saw the preview of their comeback, Proof. I didn’t record it because I didn’t know what was going on. Everyone was just freaking out and crying. We were the first ones to see the trailer for it, which was fun. But the staff was rushing us out and was yelling at everyone, “Show’s over” and we were taking photos and trying to calm down. I needed a minute to just collect myself.

April 17th: The Day After

We woke up late because we didn’t get back to our hotel until midnight. After the concert, it was chaos getting an Uber. We also spent the whole night talking about the concert—my friend kept asking me why I had an abundance of SUGA photos. It was the point I realized that I am truly a Suga bias and not OT7.

But we went out and did BTS-related things still which was the point of our trip in the morning. It also threw our Uber drivers off since they didn’t even know who BTS was. 

We visited the Seven Magic Mountains since RM had a statue of it (I think that’s what my friend told me.) There was a lot of ARMY there taking photos similar to how Najoom posed in his photos.

Las Vegas Rainbow Rocks
The Seven Magic Mountains RM took photos at

Then we went to another “famous” K-pop store. I’m sorry, but they don’t even compare to the ones in Carrollton, TX. The ones in Vegas were just aesthetically pretty and had some merch. I saw no BT21 plushies anywhere and the CDs were slightly overpriced. The ones in Carrollton have so much variety in merch.

After being underwhelmed again we went to BBQ Chicken, which is a Korean fried chicken restaurant that I love because they have K-pop videos playing. 

BBQ Chicken in Las Vegas
BBQ Chicken in Las Vegas

This one in Las Vegas’ staff was so nice. They were passing out free cup sleeves and gave us a sticker that has a chicken and VAN sharing a piece of chicken.  

bts ptd las vegas
the sticker of Van sharing chicken

We also watch 2NE1’s Coachella performance and a few more 2nd Generation K-pop videos, then the staff realized everyone in there came to see BTS’ concert and changed it to a BTS playlist. A lady screamed in excitement when SUGA’s Daechwita came on and I also got excited. We both kinda bonded over how we’re Yoongi’s biases. 

Anyway, we had so much chicken left over that we brought it back to our hotel room. 

We decided to go to “Las Vegas things” while we were out there. Aka my friend was like let’s recreate V and J-Hope’s photo in the Venetian. So we took about an hour to find the spot, but there was a long ass line…like as long as the concert type of line. We were like “oh they’re waiting for the gondola ride and the spot is behind the line. We were wrong and confused why the photo didn’t look right. It was a line and so many people asked why we were in it.

After taking the photo, we did more exploring. It was a busy weekend in Las Vegas with BTS, Easter, and Coachella happening. 

There was a short “BTS fountain show,” but it wasn’t anything special. It was just BTS’ Dynamite playing and one purple light. You could barely hear the music, and it wasn’t anything I was hoping for. There were some building lights shining purple for BTS.

Effiel Tower in Las Vegas
The Effiel Tower in Vegas shining purple

However, we stopped at (and kind of got lost in) the Bellagio Botanical Gardens. Nothing BTS related happened other than seeing BT21 and PTD Concert merch in the crowd. 

The garden was beautiful and this was the display up when we went. It was beautiful and probably one of my favorite parts of walking on the strip. 

We returned to our hotel and got ready to fly back home in the morning. Ngl, I was crying at the airport, like so many people were crying at the concert, but I didn’t. My crying didn’t come until I realized was so happy there. I was around people who understood BTS and how much they’ve changed our lives. That’s why I love going to concerts in general because of the music and also the community of fans. BTS’ concert was the concert that honestly made me the happiest. 

Overall, the trip was amazing. It was my first time in Vegas. I loved seeing BTS of course. But Las Vegas was too hot and dry for my liking; I’m used to having humidity in the air. I was so confused about why I wasn’t sweating much compared to back home. So definitely stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you plan to go to Vegas.

But I won’t experience another BTS concert until 2025, so yeah. 😭😭😭

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