That Girl Fashion: What To Wear To Be That Girl

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The That Girl trend is all over Pinterest and TikTok! This blog post gives you all the That Girl fashion essentials that you need to mimic her style.

that girl fashion

The That Girl trend is one you can NOT escape on Pinterest or TikTok at this point. It’s almost its own genre of content. However, one aspect that makes this trend stand out so much is its simple, practical fashion. The That Girl trend’s fashion takes inspiration from athleisure, minimalism, and business casual looks.

This blog post will the clothes you need to mimic the That Girl trend’s style.

If you are interested in learning more about the That Girl trend, I have several blog posts about how to mimic the trend realistically and what items you need to be that girl.

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18 That Girl Wardrobe Essentials to Achieve That Girl Fashion


1. Solid Colors

Solid colors stand out the most amongst the That Girl trend’s clothing. There are a few clothing pieces that have many colors or patterns, but most clothing uses single colors throughout an entire ensemble. The main colors that the That Girl trend uses a lot are whites, tans, beiges, and other neutral colors.

2. Sports Bra

One part of the That Girl trend is important is working out. So naturally, athleisure is a part of That Girl fashion. In every single video or post about That Girl, working out is always mentioned. Even when I was at my peak That Girl lifestyle, I woke up, rolled out my yoga mat, and worked out. But having a good sports bra is a major part of That Girl fashion.

Having a sports bra (or a few) is a key clothing item that you need for this style. I love Aerie’s sports bra for my workout sessions. 

that girl outfits

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3. Leggings

Just like having a sports bra, having a nice pair of leggings is also crucial for the That Girl style. It’s also best if you can have a solid color combo or have a matching style of sports bras and leggings.

My to-go Black Leggings are from Aerie:

that girl fashion

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4. Bike Shorts

For warmer seasons, you’ll need to have a nice pair of bike shorts for workout time. I recommend these from Aerie:

that girl outfits

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5. Tennis Skirts

Copy this look:

that girl fashion

that girl fashion


Tennis shirts are in right now. The That Girl trend also has taken part of adding tennis skirts in, especially white ones.

6. White Tennis Shoes

To get more specific, have a pair of white tennis shoes to match the That Girl trend. In most videos and aesthetic collages, the That Girl almost always has a pair of white shoes on no matter the outfit.

7. Comfy Sweatshirt

Even though the That Girl trend emphasizes working out and waking up early in the morning, it also includes having a nice comfortable sweatshirt. That Girl also participates in self-care and relaxation. I have a self care sweatshirt from H&M but it’s no longer available. However, I found a similar one at Aerie!

that girl aesthetic outfits

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8. White Button Shirt

In general, white button-down shirts like this one are in trend. So That Girl aesthetics also uses that as well to make outfits more casual.

I can’t wait to buy Banana Republic’s Oversized Cotton Shirt:

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But here is a dupe from Target:

that girl wardrobe essentials

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9. Straight Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are a wardrobe essential for anyone trying to get the That Girl trend’s style. These can go with any outfit and are comfy as well.

Some of my favorite places to get jeans from:

Old Navy

that girl fashion

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American Eagle

that girl fashion

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that girl outfits

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10. Matching Loungewear Sets

One of the main things you need to get the That Girl style is matching loungewear sets. It’s one of the key things I see across all That Girl videos.

11. Bow Scrunchie

A nice hair accessory to have is a bow scrunchie. You can find these anywhere.

that girl outfits

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12. White Socks

As I mentioned in my That Girl Amazon Essentials blog post, I found that white socks are pretty common across all That Girl content. Yes…white socks.

My favorite white socks are from Adidas. I love how soft they are. I used to buy like the $5 pairs at H&M all the time, but since upgrading to a few Adidas pairs my feet rarely hurt because of how cushion-y these are.

that girl wardrobe essentials 

that girl wardrobe essentials

13. Any Neutral Tone Top

That Girl fashion is similar to the Clean Girl style where there are a lot of neutral colors. So get a few neutral-colored tops to rock the That Girl look.

14. White Robe

When self care time comes around, That Girl also uses a white robe while putting on her face masks. This is probably the top item to have in your closest to really mimic the That Girl trend.

that girl clothing 

that girl clothing

15. Simple Necklace

An accessory common amongst That Girl fashion is a simple necklace. These can vary but having a necklace that you like will work!

16. Blazer

Want to look more professional or need to dress up a casual outfit? Find a nice blazer to match the That Girl’s style.

that girl fashion

Buy my exact blazer from!

I also like to buy blazers from H&M and JCPenney.

17. Jean Shorts

Another That Girl wardrobe essential that you need to add to your closet is a nice pair of jean shorts. This is probably the simplest one on this list to find, especially during warmer seasons. Jean shorts can go with any outfit or are perfect for a day out, hanging out with friends.

My favorite spots to buy Jean shorts are the same places that I like to buy my jeans: Old Navy, American Eagle, and Madewell.

18. Canvas Tote Bag

Finally, you can’t go without a tote bag, especially to the grocery store or farmer’s market. This is an underrated item that I noticed in the That Girl trend. There are so many tote bags on Etsy and on various clothing store websites. I bought mine at random places like BTS concert’s merch line or when I studied abroad. Tote bags are pretty much sold everywhere. 


Final FAQs:

What does That Girl wear?

Despite just listing tons of clothing items you can wear to be That Girl, you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and like your best self. The That Girl trend is more of a lifestyle trend than a fashion trend. Overall, what works best for you should be good enough.



This blog post was all about That Girl fashion.

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