25 Self Care Weekend Ideas To Relax and De-stress

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If your weekdays are filled with stress and you come home restless every day, then your weekends might need to be filled with self care and relaxing. Find out some self care weekend ideas you can do this Saturday or Sunday below.

self care weekend ideas

There is no better time to indulge in self care than the weekend. The weekend is when I do most of my self-care activities, especially my favorite: resting. After a long week of working and deadlines, the weekends are the time I use to focus on feeling better.

This blog post will give you several self care weekend ideas that are completely doable.

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25 Self Care Weekend Ideas For Relaxation and De-Stressing


1. NAP

One of the best things about the weekend is that you have time to rest and sleep. Take a nap. Even if you woke up later in the day if you want to take a nap, do it! Sleeping is also when our bodies heal and improve. So it’s important for you to sleep and rest.

2. Eat whatever you want

The next self care weekend idea that you can do is eat whatever you want. I tend to limit how much sugar I have during the week due to my acne prone skin, so I give myself the weekend to get whatever I want. So over the weekend, you can do the same. Enjoy whatever food you want and have fun!

3. Plan a mini-vacation

Want to get away for the weekend? The weekend is a great time to go on a quick vacation or even a stay-cation. This self care idea may take some more planning compared to the other ideas on this list, but traveling is one of the best ways to unwind. Pick a place you’ve been wanting to visit and start planning!

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4. Hang out with friends and family or people who care about you

Spend your weekend with people who care about you. This is a self care idea that you honestly do during the week as well, but most people are off for the weekend. Schedule a meet-up with some of your closest friends and/or family members as part of self care.

5. Do your full skincare routine

Give your skin the care it needs during the weekend with a long, detailed routine. Include all the steps you need and even do a face mask if you want! Here are my favorite face masks from TonyMoly:

self care weekend

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6. Clean your house/apartment

The next self care weekend idea you can do is to clean your home. Decluttering your area is a self care idea that is often overlooked. Your space needs to be organized and ready for the upcoming week. Also, cleaning can be a therapeutic chore as well.

7. Read that book that’s been on your shelf

So many books, and so little time. But the weekend is the perfect time to catch up on reading the books that are piling up on your bookshelf. Spend some time reading a book you’ve been wanting to.

8. Cook a late breakfast aka brunch

Like I mentioned before, napping or sleeping in is a classic self care idea, but if you’re waking up late that means late breakfast. Don’t skip the most important meal of the day aka breakfast, instead prepare a nice brunch.

9. Go to a nail salon or your hair stylist

Take care of your nails and hair as part of your weekend self care. Also, use that time to allow to ask your hair stylist or manicurist how to take care of your hair or nails, so you can improve them.

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10. Go to the park/zoo/aquarium

Getting out of the house is an easy self care idea that you can do on the weekend. Visit your local park or zoo or aquarium.

11. Try that new restaurant in the city

If you are a food, then trying a new restaurant is a self care weekend that you should try out. Find out what local business or restaurant just opened and visit it. You might find your next favorite dish!

12. Disconnect for the weekend

Ditch your social media or tech all weekend to unwind. Social media and constant notifications can get overwhelming. I personally try to disconnect during the weekends so I can fully enjoy my time off. I remember taking a mini social media detox over the weekend to feel better and relax.

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13. Go to a Pilates or workout class

Get active as part of your weekend self care. Sign up for a fun Pilates or dance or workout class that happens on the weekend. This is important to always dedicate some time to move your body and exercise.

14. Catch up on chores

Is your to-do list piled up by Friday night? Dedicate some time to catch up on all your chores and to do tasks to make your life easier during the weekday.

15. Plan your meals for the week

Your future self will thank you when you plan out your meals for the week. This is also a great weekend self care idea if you love cooking or simply planning. Take a few hours to plan and go grocery shopping for your meals during the weekday. This is one of my self care weekend activities. I cook at the same time every week for my meal-prepping schedule and it makes my life so much easier.

16. Journal your heart out

One of the simplest weekend self care ideas you can add to your self care routine is journaling on the weekends. Sometimes, we don’t have time to journal during the week due to our busy schedules, but the weekend gives us enough time to sit back and write out how we truly feel. Find a notebook and start journaling on the weekend as a self care activity.

17. Do a hobby that you have done in a while

Hobbies can be a big part of your self care routine, but during the week, we’re often busy with work or school. So, add working towards your hobbies as a weekend self care idea list.

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18. Watch a movie

Who doesn’t love relaxing under a warm blanket and watching a movie? On the weekends, most channels play movies anyway if you have cable. Or you can rent one from Amazon or just use Netflix or HBO Max, or whatever streaming platform you like to find your favorite movie and chill.

19. Do an hour-long yoga practice

There are plenty of hour-long yoga practices on YouTube that you can do over the weekend. Dedicate an hour to doing a yoga session in your room or living room to stretch your body and be present. Or you can also attend a group yoga class to learn from a teacher in-person as self care for the weekend.

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20. Clean out your closet

If you happen to have a closet that gets messy quickly (like yours truly), then the weekend can be a time you dedicate a while to organizing it. It’ll help you on Monday morning while getting ready.

21. Do a guided meditation

Unwind and focus on the present moment with a guided meditation. There are a few YouTube channels that are dedicated to just guided meditations. Spend some time meditating and clearing your mind and destressing.

22. Organize your personal or work laptop

If your email inbox gets hundreds of messages a day or if your desktop is packed full of files, then the weekend might be the time for you to organize your laptop. This act of self care can help you professionally and improve your workflow during the week.

23. Improve your baking/cooking skills

Got a sweet tooth? Then try baking something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while as part of your weekend self care.

24. Take a long bath or shower

A good shower or long bath can help you destress and relax. Spend time in the shower or bath and include some of your favorite beauty and hygiene products to unwind.

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25. Visit your favorite stores & shop (or simply look)

If your love language is receiving gifts, then this self care weekend idea is perfect for you. There are tons of sales every weekend. You can splurge, spend a little, or simply look. It’s all up to you.

Final FAQ:

Q: What do you do on a self-care weekend?

A: What do you do on a self care weekend is whatever you want. The main point is that you relax and are loving what you’re doing and that it is helping your overall well-being.

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