21 Self Care Saturday Ideas That’ll Make Your Weekend More Enjoyable

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Want to know how to have a fun, yet laid back self care Saturday? This blog post will give you some ideas on how to enjoy your self care weekend.

self care saturday

Saturdays are often the days that most people are out and about, which is cool, but some Saturdays need to be Self Care Saturdays.

My version of Self Care Saturdays will include less chill kind of self care activities, but instead self care activities that are more active yet relaxing. I also have a self care Sunday post that goes more into detail about more laid-back self-care ideas.

Self Care Weekend Posts:

This blog post will give some awesome and doable self care Saturday ideas that you can implement into your self care routine.

21 Self Care Saturday Ideas That’ll Make Your Weekend More Enjoyable

1. Eat Out at a Restaurant

You may need reservations for some places, but try a new restaurant that you have never been to before. It’s nice to just sit down and not worry about cooking, especially if you plan to meal prep the next day (which I do). Also, you might find your next favorite restaurant in your town!

2. Take an hour-long yoga or active class

Weekends allow us to dedicate more time to self-care and physical exercise. There are typically yoga classes or Zumba, pilates, etc. classes going on as well. One hour of physical activity goes a long way.

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3. See what’s going on locally

If you want to get out and don’t know what to do, then look up what is going on in your town/city. There are so many events going on usually, but they’re not easy to find unless you look or know someone. A local fair might be happening or an area in your town might be a local business pop-up shop going on where you can support people in your city.

4. Go to a concert

Are you a music lover? Then find out if there is a concert going on or just live music you can watch. I know a lot of restaurants have live music on weekends which is cool to see while eating. But I love going to concerts, especially on the weekend or Saturdays since it gives you a day to relax. (I’ve been to two huge concerts there on a Sunday night and needed to take the next day off, so yeah.)

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5. Visit a sports game

Usually, colleges play on Saturdays, especially with football in the fall. It’s a great thing to do if you love tailgating and hanging out on the weekend. Even if you can’t get tickets to the game, you can still visit a sports bar to watch the game with friends or even have a game day event at your house or apartment.

6. Have a movie marathon

Need to catch on the latest Netflix show that your friends keep asking you about? (I definitely do.) Stay in and watch a show that you’ve been wanting to for a while. I remember in college on the weekends, I’d watch a show in one weekend since I wouldn’t be able to during the week. I also did chores.

7. Sleep in

Rest is one of the most important self care activities that you should be doing. On the weekends, it’s the perfect time to sleep in and chill. Don’t worry about wasting your time because resting is productive. Your body needs to rest and you deserve to sleep in.

8. Take yourself out on a date

Have a day to yourself where you just hang out with yourself. Treat yourself to a day of fun and pamper yourself. If you want to just get your nails and hair done or go out to an aquarium or to the park, do it. Spend some time getting to know yourself. If you need ideas, then use your love language to figure out where you can begin your day to yourself.

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9. Try on clothes

As much as online shopping is the trend right now, sometimes you need to go into a store and know what works best for you. Visit a store that you’ve been wanting to or just stroll around the mall and try on some clothes. (Be like those Disney channel movies before a big dance where the main character and her friends are having a whole shopping montage and having fun.) Learn what clothes work for you and what don’t.

I personally love going to thrift stores on weekends and trying on different clothes to see what size I’m in some brands and what clothes work with my body frame. It’s honestly fun and makes me feel like I’m in one of the fashion makeover shows.

10. Visit the nail or hair salon.

Nails and hair are two important parts of your body. A pedicure and/or manicure can make you feel so much better and make your nails look phenomenal. Let the professional take over sometimes. Also, if you can squeeze in a hair appointment, then do so too.

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11. Go out with some friends

Hanging out with your friends on the weekend is one of the activities you can do for a self care Saturday. It’s great to catch up, especially if you are all busy during the week with school or work.

12. Visit family

Catch up with some family members during the weekend and see how they are doing. It would be a great time to have a fun family dinner or go to the park together.

13. Disconnect from social media

Is the fast world of social media making you feel down or tired? Use a self care Saturday to disconnect and go offline. Don’t worry, those trends don’t matter as much as it seems. Social media can exhaust us so much with information overload and comparison with others. Take some time to stay off social media for a while.

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14. Try making a collage or vision board

Figure out your goals and create a vision board. There are so many examples on Pinterest to get you started.

15. Go to a farmer’s market or grocery shopping

Support local farmers and businesses with a trip to your local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets tend to be open or have specials going on the weekend.

16. Visit the zoo or aquarium

Tap into your inner kid and visit the zoo or local aquarium. Around the holiday time or special times during the year, zoos and aquariums tend to have special decorations and events going on for the community.

17. Cook a new recipe

Test your cooking skills with a brand-new recipe. One of the best ways to have a self care Saturday is to spend time cooking if you are a foodie or love cooking.

18. Get back into a new hobby

Saturdays allow enough time for you to get into a hobby of yours. You can schedule an hour or two or maybe the whole day to be creative or do whatever hobby you have. Some examples can be sewing, drawing, writing, playing a sport, dancing, singing, cooking, etc.

19. Read a book

An easy self care Saturday activity you can do is to read a book that has been on your shelf or table for a long time. I remember during college, one of my favorite winter and summer self care ideas was to spend a Saturday reading a book that I had on my TBR list on Goodreads. It was honestly one of the most entertaining and relaxing self care activities I used to do (and need to get back into!)

20. Have coffee with a friend at a cafe

Do you have a friend that you know would love to meet at a new café to just hang out? If you do, then go to one and sit and chat. This was an activity I used to do in the summers in college and after graduating to catch up with friends who I didn’t see that often. We all loved cafes and that aesthetic and would go to work or just hang out. It was nice seeing someone I hadn’t seen in a while and talking and judging our coffee. I definitely recommend this self care Saturday idea.

21. Clean your apartment/house

My final self care Saturday activity idea is to clean your living area. Cleaning isn’t fun for most people but it’s something we all have to do. Doing it on Saturday morning allows more time for you to do fun activities on Sunday.

That’s it for this blog post all about self care Saturday ideas.

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