The Best Realistic Printable Dorm Room Checklist For 2022 | (Free PDF)

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Make move-in day easier with this free printable dorm room checklist!

printable dorm room checklist

I remember move-in day like no other during college. Random volunteers grabbed my stuff and brought it to my dorm room. Actually meeting my college roommate (again). Then, trying to organize my room before heading out to explore campus.

I was also a first-gen student who brought nothing that was actually useful. I did not bring any cleaning supplies and managed to bring my entire wardrobe. When I moved into college, there were BARELY any printable dorm room checklists. Mind you this was just a few years ago. This is why I created this free printable dorm room packing list!

A Free Printable Dorm Room Checklist

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This printable dorm room checklist leans on the realistic side. I must call out that I do not have a decor section because that’s subjective. I added a random section, where you can write what you want in there for things like dorm decor. This list is also geared toward college freshmen girls. This checklist is made specifically for dorm rooms—not college apartments.

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Final Dorm Room Checklist Hacks:

  1. Start a dorm room registry. One thing I wish I know before shopping for my dorm room was that I could make a registry on You can send this registry to family members or friends to help you buy some of the things you need for your dorm room. I recommend using this printable dorm room checklist as a guide to starting your registry.
  2. Always check in with your dorm room building to see what are the exact measurements and sizes of items in the room.
  3. You do not need every single item on move-in day. Sure it will be ideal, but you can definitely buy more items later on in the semester. If you are moving in on your own or on a budget, I recommend either slowly building your dorm room necessities.


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