10 Simple Activities to Include in Your Daily Morning Self Care Routine

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What activities are in your daily morning self care routine? Here are 10 that you easily add to it!

Having a daily morning self-care routine will give you more benefits than you expect. Morning routines may seem a lot to handle at first, but you can easily build up your routine to match your needs or simply your self-care. Also, your morning routine should make you want to wake up earlier. The best morning self-care routine is honestly up to you and what you want.

Remember self-care is taking care of yourself. So, implement some self-care in the morning to make your day better.

Why is a morning routine important?

Having a morning routine is important because you are preparing yourself for your day. It helps you function better, feel better, and work better throughout the day. Also, implementing small quick self-care activities in your morning routine will definitely make you feel better.

10 Simple Activities to Have In your Morning Self Care Routine

1. Wake up earlier.

I know that it may seem counterproductive, but waking up earlier is better since you can get more things done before everyone wakes up. It’s also quieter and more peaceful in the morning. The later you wake up, the more you want to stay in bed. “Oh, I slept in for 5 minutes, I can go for another 5.” Or the phrase I use the most, “I can get ready in 10-15 minutes and can skip breakfast and eat later.”

You also avoid traffic to get your breakfast. You can find more places to study if you are in school. Also, if you work from home like me, I find it easier to be productive in the morning since there isn’t much to do. I

Wake up a bit earlier each day to train your body to get used to it. You also will need to get probably go to sleep earlier at night to help out. 

2. Stretching

Stretching your body should be part of your morning self-care routine for sure. Our bodies spend 6-8 hours laying down in the same spot! We need to move our bodies often so stretching first thing in the morning will help us feel energized and ready for today’s tasks. You can even do yoga if you want to really want to stretch out. There are many morning yoga videos online that can give you a quick guide on what to do!

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3. Hydrate!

Drinking some water in the morning is the best self care you can do in the morning. Your body goes between 6-8 hours of not drinking any water or anything to hydrate it. You should get a bottle of water or a simple glass of water first thing in the morning. I personally have a water bottle on my nightstand just in case I wake up parched, which happens almost every morning.

4. Do a quick workout!

Exercising has so many benefits for you. If you are trying to get into working out, then try in the morning. You can do it and get it over with right at the beginning of the day! One of my favorite workout YouTubers, Bailey Brown, has quick 5-minute workouts that are perfect for implementing in a morning self care routine.

5. Shower.

Some people take cold showers in the morning to wake themselves up. I do not. I recommend taking a nice shower to wake yourself up. It’s simple self care that you need to do. It also helps if you take one right after working out.

After showering, I typically handle all hygiene tasks, such as brushing my teeth, washing my face, and doing my hair.

6. Make your bed.

If you feel like you do not get much done throughout the day, you can at least say that you made your bed. Making your bed will be your first accomplished task of the day. It also reduces your stress levels and overall make you feel more organized. Making your bed also makes your room look cleaner and while making your bed, you might have the urge to organize a few more things in your room.

7. Write a to-do list.

Prepare your day by writing down 2-3 tasks you need to get done. They can be simple and anything you want. I recommend getting a notepad just for your to-do list like this one I have. Writing down your tasks will not only make you more productive, but make your day easier. You should start including writing a to-do list each day to help you complete small or important tasks.
morning self care routine

morning self care routine

8. Don’t touch social media for an hour.

Don’t touch your phone unless it’s for your alarm. One of the best things you can do for your morning self care routine is to avoid social media at all costs. Give yourself time before you make time to see what everyone else was doing.

Place your phone down in another room or leave it charging until you finish eating or are about to leave your home. It will help you stay on task and not procrastinate with scrolling. 

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9. Listen to motivational videos.

If you need a boost in the morning, you can listen to motivational podcasts and videos. I have a playlist of motivational videos that I listen to for my daily morning self-care routine. It reminds me of what I can accomplish and do. This will help especially if your self-love language is words of affirmations (like mine!)

Find what kind of motivational videos and podcasts work for you and make a playlist!

10. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Good morning self care includes eating a healthy breakfast. Even it’s a small smoothie or some toast, you need to eat something. I either have a smoothie in the morning or actually make some hash browns with a bagel and fruit. I recommend starting out small and having breakfast either meal prepared (e.g. yogurt w/ fruit) or cooking a few quick things.

Remember to give your body some fuel for your busy day.

Final FAQ:

How to create a morning routine and stick to it?

By having an idea of what you want to do. In the morning, the night before having a checklist of what you want to do. Once you know what to do, you try to do everything in small intervals and tweak it to work for you and your time frame. (e.g. I went from doing 10 minutes of yoga to 20 minutes). Be consistent to the point and create a habit of doing it. You should also have fun with your morning self care routine.


This blog post was all about activities for a morning self care routine!

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