51 Cheap Self Care Gifts That Fit Your Budget

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Gifting someone an inexpensive, cheap self care gift is an easy way to cheer them up. Here is a list of the best cheap self care gifts that you can either give yourself or to someone you care about!

cheap self care gift

Self care is the best thing we can do for our well-being and health. Each person’s self care routine varies, but most will relate to relaxing, journaling, and unwinding. So giving someone a nice self care gift is a great idea. Also, most self care gift ideas are usually the default gift to buy when you don’t know what to buy someone. No matter what someone will appreciate a relaxing, soothing gift.

This blog post will give you 51 cheap self care gifts and inexpensive self care gift ideas.

51 Cheap Self Care Gifts That Are Timeless and Thoughtful

Free Self Care

This section gives a few free self care gifts that you can do yourself or suggested to someone.

1. Napping

Resting is an underrated self care idea that we often don’t prioritize. A simple power nap or an afternoon siesta will give you the energy boost you need to feel better and ready to finish your work.

2. Walking outside

Walking outside or spending some time sitting on your patio is another self care activity that can improve your mood. With the busy, fast world we live in (including social media), we need to slow down and listen to birds chirping, and the wind, and pay attention to nature.

3. Stretching

Physical activity has so many benefits. Even doing a few simple stretches can make your body feel much better. Take some time to do some quick stretching to relieve tension in your muscles and joints.

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4. Organizing a room

Clear your mind by cleaning your room. A few minutes of simply organizing your desk can help you focus and less tense.

5. Deep breathes

Focus on the present moment and take a few deep breaths. Not only will this help clear your mind but it also will help your focus.

Self care gifts under $5

These are some self care gifts that are under $5 to fit into your budget. These are perfect for when building a self care package or basket.

6. Tony Moly Sheet Mask

TonyMoly is one of my favorite brands for sheet masks. This brand’s mask are always a cheap self care gift I give to myself. There are so many sheet masks you can try from TonyMoly, especially if you want need moisturizing for your skin. Check out the I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask!

cheap self care gifts

Click here to see the price!

7. The Crème Shop Sheet Masks

I don’t know what is in the Crème Shop’s sheet masks (especially the BT21 masks) but they make my skin so soft. I have dry, acne-prone skin and am picky about what I use on my skin, but the Crème Shop’s skincare line with BT21 has been great. 

I have this mask right now!

cheap self care gifts

Buy on Ulta.com!

8. Cozy socks from Target

A pair of cozy socks are perfect for both your budget and self-care. Target has so many cozy socks to choose from throughout the year, but they add more during winter.

inexpensive self care gifts

See the low price on Target.com!

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9. Snacks

For under $5, you can purchase a few snacks to go into a self-care kit. You also can buy yourself a few of your favorite snacks that you’ve been wanting for a while.

10. Gentle Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating your body will make your skin softer and smoother. Get rid of those dead skin cells and any other impurities with a pair of gentle exfoliating gloves. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs!

inexpensive self care gifts

Click to buy on Target.com!

11. Lip balm 

Keep your lips hydrated with lip balm. I also loved the eos Vanilla Bean line! See their product here:

best self care gifts 

best self care gifts

12. Under Eye Mask

Want to reduce your undereye bags? Try getting under-eye masks to help brighten and hydrate that area! This mask fits any budget:

inexpensive self care gifts

See the low price on Ulta.com!

13. Makeup Remover

The ultimate beauty self-care after wearing makeup all day (or even a while if you have acne-prone skin) is to remove it. Never sleep with your makeup on. I recommend getting a bottle of makeup remover no matter if you’re a beginner at makeup or well seasoned. 

I personally love Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water and use their smallest size and it lasts a long while for me. 

best self care gifts for her

Buy on Ulta.com right now!

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14. Stress Relief Tea

Know someone who loves tea? A great cheap self-care gift that you can give them is a box of stress relief tea. This brand from Target has a tea that lessens the stress!

best self care gifts

Buy on Target.com!

Self-care gifts under $10

These gifts are perfect if you are looking for inexpensive, cheap self care gifts under $10.

15. Candle

Candles are a to-go self care gift. There are several candles out there that help with anxiety and stress. Check out this candle brand at Target! It has cool, calming scents perfect for self care.

best self care gifts

Buy from Target.com!

16. Lotion

Gift yourself or someone a nice moisturizing and hydrating lotion. Keep your skin hydrated with a lotion like Love Beauty & Planet’s Luscious Hydration Lotion available at Target.

self care gifts for her

See the low price on Target.com!

17. Perfume

You can’t go wrong with buying perfume for someone. Figure out what is their favorite scents and buy it a smaller size or travel size from a department store.

18. Conditioner/hair mask

Take extra care of your hair with a nice deep condition or hair mask. There are so many out there but my favorite is well over this budget, but one of my older favorites was Maui Moisture’s Vanilla Bean Mask.

See if it’ll work for your hair here:

cheap self care gift ideas 

cheap self care gifts

19. Stuffed animal

I know so many people who still love stuffed animals and collect them in their early 20s. No one can resist a cute stuffed plush (that can also be a pillow for a pet.) They also are great for decoration and holding when someone’s in a low mood. Here’s a cute example of a stuffed animal on Amazon that you can use as a self care gift:

cheap self care gifts 

self care gifts

20. Reading light

Whether it’s reading on a rainy day or on self care Sunday, a reading light can come in handy. Give someone a nice one like this from Amazon that is perfect for anyone on a budget.


inexpensive self care gifts

21. Scalp massager

Scalp massages are not the easiest for all of us, especially those of us with a lot of hair. They also are great inexpensive self-care gifts for girls with curly hair. It’s hard for us to get all the shampoo across our scalp while washing out hair. I know I loved when my friend bought me a new hair scalp massager for my birthday. It saves so much time for me on wash day.

Check out this one from Amazon that’s perfect as a self care gift:

cheap self care gift ideas

22. Detangling brush

Another great, useful self care gift that you have to give a friend is a detangling brush, especially if they have long hair or curly, coily hair. This brush saved me from headaches and lessen the amount of time I detangle my hair.

Buy this gift right now:

self care gifts for friends 

inexpensive self care ideas

23. Makeup headband

Doing your makeup can could as self care, especially if you love doing it. Make the process easier by buying a cute makeup headband. I used to have this one from Ulta to hold back my hair while I applied my makeup (and yes, it made applying my makeup easier). This headband also can be used when applying face masks or doing your skincare routine!

self care gifts for her 

self care gifts for friends

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24. Sleep mask

Having a few sleep masks like these can maybe help you fall asleep easier at night! Check out this self care gift here:

self care gifts for friends

cheap self care ideas

25. Audible subscription

Audible has an extensive collection of books that you listen to anywhere and download with a subscription. It also has sleep tracks, meditation programs, and self-improvement podcasts. A subscription costs under $10 to get started (after the free trial, of course!)


Self-care gifts under $25

The following inexpensive self care gifts are under the $25 mark. These gifts are great to give any time of the year to cheer someone up!

27. White robe

Having a nice white robe to use after a warm bath or shower is so nice. Gift someone a nice white robe as a self care gift:

self care gifts for women 

self care gifts for women

28. Blanket

Cuddling up with a nice, thick blanket is one of the best and easy self care activities you can do. I have a collection of blankets that I use around the house. I recommend this blanket from Amazon because of how nice and soft it is!


inexpensive self care gifts

29. Soothing face mask

Take a break and unwind with a face mask that fits your skin’s needs. If you want a nice green mask to calm down red, stressed-out skin, then take a look at this mask from Ulta.

self care gifts for her

See the price on Ulta.com!

30. Positive quote book

Give someone a nice, small book packed full of positive quotes. This is a nice self care gift to give someone so they can look back at it on a bad day or when they want a nice quote to cheer up.

self care gifts for friends 

best self care gifts

31. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is one way to implement self care into your life. Water intake should be one of the main things you should be tracking throughout the day. A great self care gift is to have a nice, sleek water bottle like this one. This water bottle reminds you when to drink water throughout the day. I love having it around because it helps me keep track of my water intake for the day. 

self care gifts under 25 

self care gifts under $25

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32. Personalized tote bag

Some people love bags. Some people have shelves full of them. If you know someone who loves purses, handbags, and clutches, then give them a personalized tote bag with their initial one from Etsy. It’s not only a nice looking gift but it’s also a useful bag that they can take to the beach, farmer’s market, or on a picnic.

Click here to purchase from Etsy!

33. Cookbook

Know someone who loves cooking? Or have a friend who is just learning how to cook? Give them a nice cookbook with recipes that they try out. You make the gift even more special, try to find one that matches their personality. I personally love Trader Joe’s and love this cookbook from Amazon. It’s a great starter cookbook as well.

self care gifts 

self care gifts for friends

34. Wellness journal

A simple self care gift you can give someone is a nice wellness journal. This will be the best place to write down their self care or self love journal prompts. Here is an example from Amazon:

self care gifts under 25 

best self care gifts under 25

35. Affirmation cards

If your love language is words of affirmation, then this self care gift will help you. Affirmation cards are great to have on your desk to remind you of how awesome you are or how you should be easier on yourself.

If you are someone who is always on your phone, then you also use an app that sends affirmations as notifications as well!

Check out these affirmations from Amazon:

inexpensive self care gifts 

what are good self care gifts

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36. Exfoliating mask

Again, exfoliating your skin is vital for its health, especially for people with acne-prone skin like me. Gift someone a nice exfoliator as a cheap self care gift that will help their skin!

My favorite is this lemon gel peel mask from Amazon. You can see the dry skin come off as you rub it into your skin. It’s both fun and somewhat extra, but also helpful.

self care gifts for friends 

self care gifts for her



Self care gifts under $50

This final section will give you several inexpensive self care gifts under $50. These gifts are wonderful to give and won’t break your budget.

37. Plush hoodie

Everyone has that hoodie that they love that is super comfortable. We all need one nice, cozy hoodie in our lives. Gift someone or yourself a nice soft hoodie that you can wear on any self care day. My personal favorite is this hoodie from Aerie because of how it was so soft.

what are good self care gifts

Buy from Aerie!

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38. Sheets

A nice set of sheets are a self care gift that you can give to anyone. Bed, Bath, and Beyond have great sheets under $50 that are soft and won’t break the bank. Their sheets are also always on sale, so you can definitely get a more expensive one for way cheaper!

39. Back rest pillow

Our backs do a lot for our bodies. A backrest pillow does what exactly it sounds like…give our backs a rest. These pillows were a life saver for me during college since I had lower back pain and sometimes did my homework in my bed. You can’t go wrong with this gift.

Check out this cozy, soft backrest pillow that I loved from Bed, Bath and Beyond:

Click here to buy from Bed, Bath, & Beyond!

40. Humidifier

A self care gift that I just discovered earlier this year was a humidifier. This self care gift is great for people who need to clear their throats and sinuses or live where the air is dry. This is also a great winter self care gift since the air tends to get drier in the colder seasons.

cheap self care products 

cheap self care products

41. Bracelet

Whether it is a friendship bracelet or a simple, elegant bracelet, the person you’re gifting this to will love it, especially if they love jewelry.

42. Yoga mat

Instead of exercising or stretching on a hard floor or carpet, use a nice thick yoga mat. This self care gift is great for anyone you know (or yourself) who loves yoga or working out. I use this yoga mat that I bought from Amazon every day for yoga and love how thick it is—it’s survived my cat’s kneading so it’s thick.

self care gifts under 50 

self care gifts under 50 

43. Heating pad

Heating pads are awesome self care gifts. Why? They help relieve period cramps, back pain, and muscle stiffness. If you know someone who might benefit from having a heating pad, then try giving it to them. I know that I love my heating pad on those days I have lower back pain. Check this one from Amazon out here:

self care gift ideas amazon 

self care gift ideas amazon

44. Plush blanket

With a higher budget, you can give someone a better quality soft, plush blanket that will last for years. Ugg’s plush blankets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond are so soft that it’s ridiculous. These blankets are always on my wish list.

an ugg blanket from bed bath and beyond

Click to buy from Bed, Bath, & Beyond!

45. Gift card

Some people say that gift cards are basic gifts. I disagree because I like the ability to buy whatever I want—it’s also kind of like free money.

If all things fail or you know someone who always returns your gifts, then give them a gift card to buy whatever they want.

45. Massager

A lot of us have knots in our bodies. Then there are those days when you’re so sore after a great (but painful) workout. You can’t go wrong with giving someone a massager to reduce the soreness and muscle tension. See this awesome one from Amazon here:

self care gift ideas 

self care gift ideas

46. Workout Outfit

With the popularity of athleisure, the prices of workout clothes have increased. Giving your friend a nice workout from Lululemons, Nike, or even Aerie will help out. I would love one of my friends to give me a nice pair of leggings since I work out and do yoga as part of self care.

Some places you can get nice workout clothes from are Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, or Aerie’s Offline. (Give them pocket leggings! They are super useful and great to have.)

47. Cardigan

Cardigans are casual or can be cozy or both. A nice cardigan also can make an outfit stand out. I recommend gifting a friend a nice, warm cozy cardigan. This also is a nice fall self care gift so they can be ready for cool temperatures.

Lulu’s has this cute cardigan that is on my wishlist that would be the best self care gift for myself. LOL.

self care gifts under $50

See the price on Lulus.com

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48. Oil diffuser

Oil diffusers break down essential oils into the air to create a calming, relaxing mood. This is an amazing self care gift to use after a long, stressful day. This oil diffuser from Amazon is a great gift!

what are good self care gifts 

what are good self care gifts

49. Laptop desk

Laptop desks are the best inexpensive self care gifts for people who are always on their laptop (like me) or work from home. Having a laptop desk saves your laptop from burning when using a laptop. It also is great to have when you want to watch Netflix from your laptop in bed or on the sofa.

This laptop desk from Amazon is a great example of a nice laptop desk.

best self care gifts 

best self care gifts

50. A nice bottle of wine

This is the gift for wine lovers. If you know someone (or are that someone) who loves wine, then gift them a nice bottle of wine. Or even pay for theirs when you are out eating.

51. Teapot

Finally, my last inexpensive self care gift is a teapot. I love tea. Tea is amazing. There are so many teas out there to start with. But having a teapot makes brewing the tea easier. You can’t go wrong with this self care gift.

inexpensive self care gifts 

inexpensive self care gifts

That is a wrap for all the inexpensive, cheap self care gifts that you can give!

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